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Health Systems
Eliminate data entry and manual work

The Plenful platform streamlines health system's administrative tasks, improving efficiency, reducing costs and driving revenue. Plenful automates data access across unstructured and structured data sources, applies your systems' specific rules and AI predictions, and writes data to your existing software systems so your team can focus their time on only high value flags and patient care. Plenful is scalable, adaptable and helps reduce administrative burdens, improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes. 

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Purpose Built for Healthcare


AI-enabled for Healthcare Data

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Document Data



Optimize your document-based data entry work and eliminate your teams' time processing faxes


Get pre-populated information directly into your systems and unlock your unstructured data. Areas of impact include referrals and patient intake


Reduce administrative burden, allowing your staff to focus on providing quality care

340B Models

Streamline 340B workflows by automating the claims qualification and mock audit compliance reconciliation across all of the claims volume

Drive overall program compliance, increase transparency with real-time dashboarding and proactively identify missed savings opportunities


Plenful helps health systems maximize savings while minimizing the risk of non-compliance

Patient Assistance


Automate patient assistance programs end-to-end, decreasing the manual work associated with health system's patient assistance programs

Increase the total number of patients your system can support. Plenful increases the speed, depth of coverage, and transparency

Plenful has pre-mapped copay assistance programs in its platform. Send us your patients and provide aid at scale


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