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Eliminate data entry and manual work

The Plenful platform streamlines payer's administrative tasks, processing all types of unstructured and structured data and automating workflows like CMS reporting and document processing.  Plenful is scalable, adaptable, reduces errors, improves efficiency and provides better outcomes for policyholders

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Purpose Built for Healthcare


AI-enabled for Healthcare Data

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Flat File Automation Across Vendors

Connect your disparate data sources from multiple vendors, databases, electronic and paper-based records

Automatically organizes data and triggers time-based actions to improve efficiency, transparency and compliance

Document Processing

Automate document processing end-to-end like enrollment and HRA Forms, eliminating the need for manual data entry

Plenful helps payers improve speed, accuracy and efficiency through its proprietary AI document processing engine

CMS Reporting & Auditing AI Model

Streamline CMS reporting workflows by automating tasks and saving valuable time and resources

Easily generate accurate reports and ensure compliance with CMS regulations

Transparency in Coverage Model

Access up-to-date Transparency in Coverage data with Plenful

Delivers customized reports for health system plans and national payers to offer contracting teams strategic insights on payer rates at the billing code, NPI, EIN level and more

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