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Eliminate data entry and manual work

The Plenful platform automates administrative tasks for providers, including document processing, order reconciliation and data entry. Plenful's scalable platform helps improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs, increasing revenue output, and improving the quality of care. Below are our popular provider use-cases.

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Purpose Built for Healthcare

hipaa compliant

AI-enabled for Healthcare Data

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Document Data



Automate document processing end-to-end, eliminating manual data entry. 


Plenful helps providers improve speed, accuracy and efficiency through its proprietary AI document processing engine.


Plenful automatically ingests your documents, classifies them into their unique Plenful tables, extract the relevant data elements, validates the data with your highly configurable rules, and pre-populates the newly structured data into your system.




Streamline order reconciliation workflows, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reconciliation of orders.


Reduce errors and improve patient care while saving valuable time and resources.


Plenful pulls in disparate structured and unstructured data sources and applies highly configurable rules and AI predictions to flag discrepancies and missing information proactively. 



From your existing unstructured and structured data sources, Plenful allows your team to automate highly configurable notifications across email, SMS, or in-platform webforms.


Meaningfully decrease the wait times for follow-ups and eliminate manual work from your teams' plate with Plenful's communication automations.


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