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How a Large Multi-State Specialty Provider Automated Their Daily Orders and Referrals with Plenful


Large Multi-State Specialty Provider Group




51 Locations Across 4 States


Intelligent Document Processing & Reconciliation

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Automate Manual Data Entry

Plenful’s Intelligent Document Processing Solution automates document data entry by automating tasks like text extraction, file triage and classification, and data validation. The solution includes flexible application relevant crosswalks, enabling efficient mapping and interpretation of data across various document types. The platform features a user-friendly interface that allows users to proactively flag instances for human review, along with Plenful’s proprietary one-click workflow confirmations.

Layer in Unlimited Crosswalks and Business Logic

Combine Plenful’s document processing capabilities with Plenful’s AI Crosswalk Reconciliation Solution to effectively validate and enrich your workflow datasets across provider directories, existing patient lists, facility specifications, and more. Streamline your workflow steps by leveraging Plenful's matching functionality, saving your team valuable time spent navigating through multiple tabs, documents, and Excel sheets that currently constitute their manual work processes.

Unlock Missing Operational Insights

Valuable operational insights are currently trapped within separate data and document-based workflows. With Plenful Experiences, track all your desired metrics in real-time across your data sources using your business logic. Empower your team to streamline workflows and eliminate manual ad hoc reporting for effective team management and strategic decision-making.

“Plenful has helped us streamline thousands of faxes every single day. The added ability to layer in our provider, diagnosis, insurance, and other crosswalks has been very helpful to eliminate manual work off our team’s plates.”

VP of Technology


Large Specialty Provider Utilizes AI to Eliminate Manual Data Entry for Complex Workflows

This multi-state specialty provider group has been in business for 25 years, offering affordable and accessible care with top-quality treatment and diagnostics for thousands of specialty patients, serving as a cornerstone of healthcare delivery in the region. With a focus on developing the best operational processes for its large and talented physician group, the specialty provider sought innovative solutions to enhance its document data entry processes, aiming to care for its patients and serve its network more efficiently


Need to streamline its document data entry process to scale more efficiently and accurately

Managing data entry and document processing across multiple facilities posed a significant challenge for this provider group. Manual data entry processes were time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to scale, leading to increased wait times for patients to see a provider. The specialty provider needed a solution to significantly improve efficiency and standardize data entry processes to provide an exceptional patient experience.


Using Plenful to automate workflow data entry and data enrichment

Plenful collaborated with the Specialty Provider to implement an extensive AI document processing and reconciliation solution. This involved setting up multiple real-time document retrieval endpoints. Plenful's platform automated document identification, extractions, and crosswalk layering, including provider, insurance, diagnosis, and patient demographics data. As a result, the specialty provider's order entry team could focus on data processing flags, leading to a 95% reduction in manual entry and reconciliation work. Plenful also integrated with the specialty provider’s document fax endpoints, crosswalks, and patient CRM, consolidating data for real-time operational insights. This integration empowered the provider to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations efficiently

“This was such a manual, clunky process before. The ability to triage and train the documents was key for us given the many random formats we get that often change.”
VP of Technology


The implementation of Plenful's solution yielded significant improvements for the Large Specialty Provider:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Plenful reduced manual work for order entry and data entry technician teams by 95% through automated document data entry and reconciliation processes, enabling staff to focus on strategic initiatives and patient care
  2. Improved Business Logic: Plenful's automated capabilities ensured the Specialty Provider maintained all required data elements despite complex crosswalk and data validation requirements, resulting in positive impacts on patient care and operational outcomes
  3. Data-driven Insights: Real-time dashboarding and analytics enable insights into high and low-volume referring practices, conversions, and the sources of data integrity issues. Unstructured documents and disparate data are transformed using Plenful’s AI and automation tools into a streamlined data source for strategic decision-making within the provider network.

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