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Optimize administrative work with our AI-powered workflow automation platform. Our solution maximizes operational efficiency for healthcare organizations, ensuring improved productivity and revenue capture

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340B Audit & Missed Savings

Audit 100% of volume. Identify 100% of missed savings and referral opportunities

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Intelligent Document Processing

Send referrals, orders, intake forms or other documents. No more manual data entry

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Contracted Rates Optimization & Inventory Planning

Capture rates discrepancies, drive purchasing optimizations, prevent wastage, and fuel proactive planning

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Pharmacy Revenue Cycle & Reporting

Pharmacy claims auditing and opportunity. Part D risk adjustment. Unlimited crosswalks

How does Plenful work?

Plenful automates over 95% of the work for messy, disparate administrative workflows.

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Connect your data & fulfill requirements

Integrate your existing data formats, including  PDFs, flat files, APIs, HL7, SFTPs, databases, and more. Plenful allows for highly configurable options for data ingestion, processing, and export. Benefit from unlimited rules and crosswalks. Get onboarded in weeks rather than months

Leverage machine learning

Incorporate AI tailored specifically to your data and processes. Unlock optimizations and capture additional revenue opportunities. Increase output and improve results

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Automate tedious & manual work

Eliminate the need for manual effort in filling in missing information. No more wasted staff time clicking through disorganized data. Plenful helps you recover lost revenue and seize opportunities by empowering your team to prioritize critical tasks

Why Plenful?

Maximize output, Maximize patient care

Accelerate Automations

Plenful offers a greater number of automations and supports more complex workflows than any other healthcare solution. With increased efficiency, you can support patients better and sooner

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Capture Revenue

Plenful’s AI identifies all your revenue opportunities among your messy data and data sources. Plenful supports an unlimited number of organizational logic rules and crosswalks

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Streamline Compliance

Plenful helps you confidently maintain compliance and optimization in your administrative pharmacy claims and 340B processing

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We automated over 120 Million pharmacy and healthcare workflows in 2023.


We are privileged to work with the best pharmacy and healthcare teams

Health Systems

From Large Academic Medical Centers to regional FQHCs, optimize your pharmacy workflows


Plenful serves a variety of pharmacies, including specialty, infusion, and retail, among others

Provider Groups

Partnering with innovative specialty providers to streamline workflows and capture revenue

And More..

Our unlimited automations, rules and crosswalks automate work across healthcare organizations

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“Integrating Plenful into our operations team’s workflow has unlocked our team’s potential by freeing them up to focus on more meaningful aspects of their work. Through complementing the systems we already use in our operations and utilizing Plenful’s intuitive automation platform, Plenful has been a seamless adoption process and we are excited about the direct value add of the platform.”

Dr. Peter Chang, Vice President of Healthcare Design

Tampa General Hospital


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Get efficient and capture revenue, fast