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Do More With Less:
Workflow Automation & AI for Healthcare Operators

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More Revenue

Find missed revenue opportunity within your workflows and data, at scale automatically


Save Time

Reclaim precious staff time through eliminating manual work and streamlining workflows

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AI + Your Team

Staff your team alongside AI actions and recommendations configured to your specific needs

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Purpose Built for Healthcare

hipaa compliant

All your disparate data & rules in one place

Plenful is the first platform built for healthcare organizations to process automations across all your disparate data (including your messy, unstructured data) and your crosswalks, in real-time and at scale.

Plenful sits on top of your existing tools and data sources, eliminating the manual work between.

You're in Great Company

We're privileged to work with the best healthcare teams across
health systems, pharmacies, provider groups, payers, and service providers.

Existing Data Formats 

Highly configurable data ingest, processing, and export. Get started with your data sources in their exact existing formats, leading to seamless onboarding.

Works with all your data

Yes, even your messy data. Plenful can process and automate across your PDFs, flat files, APIs, HL7, SFTPs, databases, and more data formats.

Relevant AI Machine Learning

Embed AI into your workflows for triaging, text extraction (OCR), data standardization, flags and recommendations, and human-in-the-loop UI.

Popular Customer Use Cases

AI Document Processing

Automate file triage, text extractions (OCR), data validation, and layer relevant crosswalks

AI Data Restructuring

Process your disparate data into target output formats, while flagging missing source information


Automate 340B auditing, missed savings identification, referral capture and financial reporting

Automate Data Entry

Automate data parsing with unlimited business logic and populate into your system

Inventory Management

Automate NDC reconciliation, revenue and rates flags, utilizing unlimited rules and crosswalks

Patient Identification

Unlimited business rules, task management UI for your team, flag priority opportunities real-time

Plenful is a highly configurable platform. Many of our customers use Plenful for multiple use-cases.


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