Plenful optimizes healthcare workflows by pairing automation + human care

We combine our use-case tailored automation with your team's human intervention to provide the most effective ways to tackle existing manual pain points. Let us take the communication-based and document-based work off your plate.
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Why Plenful?
Save time and costs
Unburden your clinical and admin employees from manual and repetitive work
Increase efficiency
Increase your output with our pre-built data integrations and workflow automation
Engage more patients
Intelligently engage patients, providers, and intra-team in personalized ways at scale
Better care metrics
Enhance patient care, operational, and financial metrics such as Star Ratings
Empower your team
Healthcare is a human industry. Your team is looped in alongside our technology
Our customizable software paired with our workflow automation experts
Eliminate manual calls and information gathering
Our conversation engine maps flexibly to your team's existing engagement and growth efforts. Communicate at scale through technology including SMS, voice, and email automation. We personalize each interaction across patients, providers, and intra-teams communication workflows.
No more manual paperwork or online forms
Use your data to automate manual data entry. Our platform maps directly to your document-based processes and then uses existing and new Plenful-gathered data components to end-to-end complete the workflow. Eliminate your team's time spent filling out information.
Elevate your team to human-needed activities
Healthcare is a peoples business. Your team can work alongside our automation platform, with intervention opportunities purpose-built through Plenful. Our goal is to empower healthcare employees to spend their time on the highest quality, high touch care.
Our platform plugs in directly on top of your existing software and data infrastructure
Conversation Engine

Replace existing manual phone calls with our workflow engine
Document Engine

Scans, analyzes, and fills out forms and paperwork so you don't have to
SMS, Voice & Email

Robust dialogue builder maps to existing manual engagements
Robotic Process Automation

Eliminate repetitive busy work
Optimize Your Team

A roadmap for your employees on the best use of their time
File Governance

Cleanly store and analyze documents and data  at scale
Integrate, Read & Write Your Data

Copious data ingest and exports
AI-Driven Insights

Learn the most effective ways to complete your workflows
Built for healthcare and its compliance needs 
Getting up and running with Plenful
Templated Workflows
Utilize our dozens of pre-configured workflows built from industry best practices
Turnkey integrations
We can integrate directly into your existing EHRs, PMSs, CVSs and more
Intuitive Technology
Zero code is needed to utilize the Plenful Platform's full capabilities
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Talk to a healthcare workflow automation expert to see the Plenful Platform in action.

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