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Healthcare Operators:
Eliminate Manual Work with Plenful

We partner with healthcare organizations to increase revenue, decrease costs, and optimize workflows through our no-code automation and AI-enabled platform.

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Purpose Built for Healthcare


AI-enabled for Healthcare Data

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Use Cases

Automation and AI toolkit, configured to your needs.

Plenful's customer use-cases vary based on the organization's existing systems, existing workflows, and top priorities. Here are two popular use-case themes that we focus on.

Eliminate Document-Based Manual Data Entry

Connect your Documents to Plenful.

Automate file classification across dozens of document types.

Utilize Plenful's AI, Audit UI, and data reconciliation tables.

Receive pre-populated data into your system and eliminate the manual work.

Identify Revenue Opportunities At Scale

Connect your disparate data to Plenful.

Automate reconciliation, crosswalks, and business rules across millions of rows. 

Utilize Plenful's AI, predictive models and in-platform dashboards to flag actions

Proactively capture revenue and flag opportunities, all on one platform 

How it Works

Meet Plenful's solution for healthcare workflows. Do more than bots.

A one-stop shop for your unstructured and structured data sources


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Optimize Workflows

Our team has worked within the four walls of healthcare. We understand the burden of manual administrative work on your staff. Plenful alleviates this burden while enhancing operational and financial outcomes. Let Plenful help you achieve more

Why Plenful

Plenful works 24/7. Empower your team to do more.

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Easy setup

Zero-to-low IT lift to get started. We're a no-code platform for a reason.

As part of our partnerships process, our team sets up an IT review with you to learn about your existing workflows and systems. 

Easy To Integrate

Plenful works with your existing workflows and data sources

HL7, JSON, FHIR, XML Integrations

SFTP, Document/Fax Systems

Your Database or Other Systems

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Lending a Helping Hand

You're in Great Company

We're privileged to work with some of the most innovative healthcare organizations


Health Systems 

Health Plans



Hub Services

Hear From Our Customers

Why organizations love Plenful

"I can think of ten areas of our business that we want to expand Plenful to. This is tackling our labor shortage and helping us scale."

Chief Pharmacy Officer

Specialty Pharmacy Hub Services


The latest from Plenful

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Our team will get back to you asap. We are looking forward to discussing your workflow needs.

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