340B Audit & Missed Savings

Achieve a 100% audit and identify additional savings. Plenful helps you manage an ever-changing regulatory landscape while enabling your capture of missed financial opportunity.

Overcoming challenges

Addressing our customers’ priority challenges

Challenge #1

Manual Audit & Risk Mitigation

Healthcare covered entities often struggle to manually manage and maintain 100% auditing and compliance with the complex entity-specific requirements of the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Without a streamlined solution, organizations risk non-compliance, leading to financial penalties and potential harm to patient care initiatives.

Our solution

Continuous and Proactive Auditing for 100% of Volume

Plenful's 340B Audit Solution streamlines compliance interventions and reduces administrative burden. The Plenful AI and automation platform ingests disparate data from a variety of relevant sources, including EMRs, TPAs, wholesalers, and more. Plenful identifies compliance risks, automates auditing processes, and enables streamlined manual review of high-risk items.

Challenge #2

Manual Missed Opportunity & Referral Capture

Many healthcare entities struggle to efficiently capture referrals and identify missed opportunities within their robust 340B program. These manual processes are time-consuming and prone to data errors, leading to millions of dollars of missed savings opportunities annually. Without a robust solution, healthcare organizations face difficulties in maximizing the benefits of the 340B program for their patients while ensuring compliance with program regulations.

Our solution

Automate 340B Missed Savings Capture

Plenful's 340B Capture Solution utilizes your data to enable referral capture and identification of missed opportunities. We employ a combination of deterministic rules and machine learning models to surface and sort insights that align with your interpretation of 340B program requirements. Plenful works across your entity-owned pharmacies, contract pharmacies, mixed-use, child sites, and more, enhancing efficiency and simplifying workflows for 340B teams. Maximize savings potential, compliantly.

Challenge #3

Data Management & Analytics

Growing your 340B program introduces new and more complex risks originating from new contracts, rules, systems, disparate data, and an ever-changing regulatory environment. Connecting and processing all the necessary data to manage the program effectively and proactively is highly manual and error-prone, especially with systems that have different formatting and connection requirements. Teams struggle to gain transparency into their 340B program workflows, metrics, and performance and spend hours manually working through ad hoc Excel reporting.

Our solution

Connect and Manage 340B from One Central Hub

Manage all your 340B data, program rules, and metrics in one place. Take advantage of Plenful’s pre-built and customizable data models for your claims, encounters, medication orders, wholesaler feeds, dispense information, and crosswalks for items such as providers and locations. Report on data ingested into Plenful with specific dashboards intended for CFO/Finance executives, auditing and compliance leads, and operational users. Automate data ingestion and export across multiple TPAs, electronic medical records, pharmacy systems, or referral partners.


Your Team’s Robust Tool to Support your 340B Savings Program

Audit & Risk Mitigation

Strengthen your program and mitigate risk by auditing 100% of your volume with a fast, AI-powered automation platform configured to your specifications, requirements, crosswalks, and disparate data needs.

Missed Opportunity & Referral Capture

Identify and capture the 340B savings your program is eligible for by processing 100% of your non-qualified claims through Plenful’s AI-powered 340B Capture Solution – ensuring compliance at every step.

Financial Reporting & Data Management

One hub for all your 340B data sources, rules, and crosswalks, with real-time reporting on financial outcomes and program optimization insights. Fully configurable to your key metrics and needs.

“Integrating Plenful into our operations team’s workflow has unlocked our team’s potential by freeing them up to focus on more meaningful aspects of their work. Through complementing the systems we already use in our operations and utilizing Plenful’s intuitive automation platform, Plenful has been a seamless adoption process and we are excited about the direct value add of the platform."

Dr. Peter Chang, Vice President of Healthcare Design

Tampa General Hospital


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