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A New England Academic Medical Center optimized their 340B auditing and Financial reporting with Plenful, saving 97% of manual work

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Healthcare teams love Plenful - year after year

Easy implementation
Compatible across data formats
High user adoption
Great team & support members
Configurable to customer business needs
Multiple high value use cases
Great platform and great customer support”

VP of Pharmacy

Large Health System Pharmacy

Seamless implementation process across our messy workflows”

Chief Transformation Officer

Specialty Provider Group

“Very refreshing to see a true pharmacy based team actually helping pharmacies”

Director of Pharmacy Compliance

Large Academic Medical Center


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“Integrating Plenful into our operations team’s workflow has unlocked our team’s potential by freeing them up to focus on more meaningful aspects of their work. Through complementing the systems we already use in our operations and utilizing Plenful’s intuitive automation platform, Plenful has been a seamless adoption process and we are excited about the direct value add of the platform.”

Dr. Peter Chang, Vice President of Healthcare Design

Tampa General Hospital

“Plenful’s team has been a true pleasure to work with. We really like that they come from pharmacy operations themselves. They just get it and we’re looking forward to expanding to multiple use cases.”

Adam Porath, VP of Pharmacy

Renown Health

“10/10 satisfaction. Losing access to Plenful would be incredibly disruptive to our team and workflows”

VP of Pharmacy

Large New England-Based Health System

Plenful is what we call a game changer for our operations team.”

Lauren, Head of Operations

Medication Management Partners, LTC Pharmacy

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