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Automation and AI to Drive Efficiency for Healthcare Operations



Healthcare leaders expect staffing shortage of front-line healthcare workers



Front-line workers’ time spent on administrative work



Staff report that systems are not well integrated

Orders & Referrals:
Fax & Handwritten

Healthcare is full of faxes, especially when there's information sent across organizations.

Plenful pulls documents directly from secure files, faxes, scanners, and more and automates the data extraction into our secure data engine through our proprietary document and character recognition software.

Patient Enrollment

Prescription Ingestion

Order Forms

Provider Referrals

Pharmacy Referrals

Patient Assistance

Plenful supports more efficient, comprehensive, and successful patient assistance workflows. For Providers and Pharmacies, our platform automates the application completion for patients in need. For Manufacturers and Hubs, we automate the data extraction and automate the missing information identification and follow-up processes. We help more patients get access to the aid they need to achieve the best outcomes.



Government Programs

Manufacturer Program

In-House Programs

Data Connectivity

The growing number of healthcare tools has pushed our industry forward but it has also created a big data connectivity problem. Teams of people are spending time moving data from one system to another. Patient care is delayed, errors happen, revenue is lost. Plenful sits on top of your existing systems and connects individual data sources. And we make the consolidated data actionable through our automation capabilities.


Pharmacy  Software


Wholesaler Portals


PDFs, Faxes, Images & Scans

Sheets & CSVs

EHR Software

Pharmacy  Software

Other Unstructured & Structured Data

Data Actioning
ML Engine

Data Populated into  Systems

Documentation Creation & Completion

Key Metrics & Dashboarding

Process Optimization Insights

Task Assignment & Tracking

The Plenful Platform

With our artificial intelligence and data extraction engine, our platform ingests and automates actions from both unstructured and structured data sources. We fit into your existing workflows and empower teams to do top-of-license work.