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Explore Plenful's core offerings

340B Audit & Missed Savings

Achieve a 100% audit and identify additional savings. Plenful helps you manage an ever-changing regulatory landscape while enabling your capture of missed financial opportunity.

Intelligent Document Processing

Give your team time back by automating manual data entry and streamlining data enrichment with Plenful's AI document processing solution. Send your documents to Plenful, specify your rules, and reclaim valuable time otherwise spent on manual data entry.

Inventory Planning & Contracted Rates Optimization

Proactively plan inventory for shortages, waste, and recall management. Identify all contract rate discrepancies and capture financial outcomes.

Pharmacy Revenue Cycle & Reporting

Automate your critical backoffice workflows associated with pharmacy claims, pharmacy CMS reporting, eligibility, and reimbursement reconciliation.

Why Plenful?

All of your disparate data and rules in one platform, automating in weeks, not months

Unstructured Data

Plenful can transform unstructured PDFs and images of documents into structured data using our AI and ML models

Diverse Data Feeds

HL7v2, FHIR, REST APIs, delimited text files such as csv, and more can be processed through Plenful

Robust Integrations

We have a rich repository of healthcare integrations off the shelf and prioritize new ones based on our customers' needs

Secure Transfer

Customer-hosted or Plenful-hosted SFTPs are available and fully accessible through our no-code endpoints

Illustration of a centralized data integration platform connecting to various elements labeled APIs, SFTPs, and HL7, highlighted with color-coded pathways, representing the consolidation of diverse data sources.
10/10 satisfaction. We haven’t found anything quite like Plenful that can assist with the optimization of the 340B processes, especially in relation to the organizational-specific configuration flexibility that we need to be able to address our use-cases. Losing access to Plenful would be incredibly disruptive to our team and workflows.

VP of Pharmacy

Large New England-Based Health System


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