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Meet Plenful's Interns - Cathy Wang & Lizzie Kim!

Updated: Jun 14

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Plenful was fortunate enough to connect with our Fall Interns Cathy Wang and Lizzie Kim through Bessemer Venture Partner's Fellowship Program, a program designed for undergraduate students pursuing careers in engineering, product and data science.

We sat down with Cathy and Lizzie to learn more about their internship at Plenful!

Tells us about yourself!

Cathy Wang headshot as Plenful intern

Cathy:"Hello! I’m a fifth year electrical and computer engineering student at Duke from Minnesota"

Lizzie Kim headshot as Plenful intern

Lizzie: "Hi! I’m a fifth year studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I’m born and mostly raised in Toronto"

What motivated you to intern at Plenful?

Cathy: "When I found out about Plenful, I was really excited about its mission and its impact in healthcare. More personally, I was also interested in gaining more product sense, having more autonomy and responsibility over tasks. After some gentle nudges from previous mentors, it seemed like a great fit"

Lizzie: "I liked the idea of working in healthcare because it's an industry I feel has a significant impact on people’s lives. I thought it was exciting to work on technology that could make processes in healthcare more efficient and accurate so healthcare workers can truly do the work they care about, which is ultimately helping patients"

Can you tell us about some of the projects you've worked on?

Cathy: "My first big project was making a connections feature that stores credentials for third party integrations in one location. If you have multiple connections that use the same credential, the feature allows you to select which one to use instead of having to type it out for each one. This project was super fun because I got to see how it can save users time right away - as a change in credentials meant retyping something in only 1 spot instead of over 20. I also worked on some backend changes to our ETL feature to reduce run-times and optimize performance"

Lizzie: "Some of my work includes creating and refactoring Plenful's UI. One of the more specific projects I worked on was our ETL page, adding certain features such as ETL history and tables. Through this feature, users would be able to run queries and see what kind of queries they ran and at what time. In addition, with the help of our product designer, I’ve been working on making the Plenful experience at large smoother and cleaner"

Upon reflection, were there any surprises over the course of the internship?

Cathy: "I didn’t expect the company to grow so much. It’s been super fun meeting everyone as they come on, but watching how day to day processes shift and improve with the company growth has also been a great learning opportunity for me"

Lizzie: "I wasn’t too sure what the team dynamic was going to be like especially since I was working remotely. I was surprised by how approachable everyone was and how they weren’t afraid to reach out first. Everyone was easygoing, and if I ever needed help, there was no hesitation from anyone to hop in a conversation to help. I appreciated how the team really embodies the value of kindness"

Favorite memory at Plenful (so far)?

Cathy: "My favorite memory was the escape room we did during our Onsite. It was fun seeing everyone work together, what kind of roles people took on, and how bad our basic arithmetic got under pressure"

the plenful team

Lizzie: "The entire Onsite event was super fun, but I really enjoyed having food with the Plenful team in general. I’m not a huge foodie or anything but it was fun being able to explore different foods with the team that I’ve never tried. In addition, I felt like sharing a meal with the team was like sharing a meal with family, because it gave us time to talk to each other and bond"

With the Onsite in mind, what Plenful team member would you always want on your Codenames team?

Cathy: "I think I owe Grant this answer because he was the only one who understood my final game-winning clue the last time we played"

Lizzie: "Everyone is super fun to play with but probably Matt because he is such a hype man!!"


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